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Wednesday, July 26, 2006


He was aboard from May through November 1962. His unit was, 1st Landing Support Company, 2nd Service Battalion, 2nd Marine Division from Camp LeJune, North Carolina. We received a very long heart warming letter from which we publish excerpts.
_______________________ __________________________________--------A "real big" BIRTHDAY CAKE baked for one of our men shared by all. I will never forget the hospitality that all of the crew had for all us Marines. He writes about the Cuban Blockade. Fun times in Malta, Izmir,Athens,Livorno and Naples. He has CG pamphlets about what to expect on liberty while ashore at these places. A prised momento, (a CG cigarette lighter purched from the ship's store).
____________________________ ___________________________________
ANOTHER CASA GRANDE? He has spoken with his Senator Ken Salazar (D) Colarado who is on the veterans committee about renaming a new Casa Grande. Rep. J Salazar is a Veteran on the VET Committee in the House. This Marine's US REP is the brother of Ken Salazar.
_______________________________ ________________________________
He is a retired Chief Deput Sheriff of Mesa Grand Junction, Colorado. (Now Hear This): He sent a $15 check for dues and is now a very welcomed member of our Association. We are very pleased to WELCOME ABOARD such a greatful Marine as JOSE R. "BOB" SILVA. He signs; Semper Fi and Anchors Away.
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